Celebrate World Kindness Day

World Kindness Day is observed on November 13th but it should be observed EVERY DAY.

This year more than ever, we need to recognize World Kindness Day. Teach your students how to be kind and show them how good it feels to be kind to others. Read through to the FREEBIE at the end!

It is so important to model and teach our students how to be kind. Even the smallest act of kindness can have a far greater impact than kids can imagine. Kindness is a mindset. Being kind is a choice and we need to teach our students the benefits of making the choice to be kind. Acts of kindness can brighten the receiver's day but it makes the giver feel good too.

I like to have my students collaborate and brainstorm ways to demonstrate kindness.  The simple and easy things that are done every day. The groups share their lists with the whole class and we create an anchor chart of “Ways We Can Show Kindness”.

After creating an anchor chart, my students write to a prompt about how they show kindness.  My primary students answer the prompt “I show kindness by” and create a bullet list of three kind acts.  My upper elementary students write to the prompt “I am kind because”. They complete the sentence stem with a paragraph to include at least three acts of kindness.

They add a “selfie” drawing to their prompt page - your students can draw a self-portrait or you can take photos of your students to glue to their writing page.

The week leading up to World Kindness Day, I assign my students a Kindness Choice Board. They have to complete at least 3 acts of kindness throughout the week and color in a square for each act of kindness completed. I also challenge my students to complete the ENTIRE choice board.  I give a special little treat (candy, chips, or a small toy) and a certificate to students who complete EVERY choice on the choice board.

Finally, I give my students three "Kindness Coupons"

Finally, I give my students three "Kindness Coupons" Students choose three different people to gift an act of kindness. It could be anyone - a teacher, family member, friend, neighbor, coach, etc.

When all of the activities are completed, I hold an award ceremony. Students who have completed all of the World Kindness Day activities receive a "Kindness Award" and color and wear an "I choose to be Kind" (paper) ribbon.

The writing activity makes a great bulletin board display to show all of the ways your students are demonstrating kindness in school and at home.  Just hang your students' kindness writing and add a title! So easy and cute.

As a thank YOU for stopping by and reading tips from my classroom to yours, I'm giving my subscribers a FREE "Ways We Can Show Kindness" student page that includes a mini-tutorial on how to create perfect anchor charts!

If you would like my set of World Kindness Day Activities - Choice Board, Writing Pages, Coupons, Awards, Ribbons, and Bulletin Board Letters - check out my resource on TeachersPayTeachers!

I hope you found my ideas helpful. What do you do in your classroom to celebrate and recognize kindness?

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