End of Year Memories of a GREAT School Year!

Winding down the school year is so bittersweet.  The school year has had its challenges and juggling all the teacher things is hard work (and we are all looking forward to summer break) but….your class has become a little “family” and it’s always hard to say goodbye.

Memories of a Great School Year

To end the school year on the BEST note, I have students reflect, collaborate, and write down all of the

memorable events, lessons, activities, and fun things our class did throughout the year. We

collaboratively put all of these amazing memories together to create a special digital class yearbook.

Read all about how I create a digital class yearbook with my students:

Step #1

Collect Memories and Photos

First, we begin brainstorming a list of memorable events from the school year and then I have students work together in groups to add to the list.  I gather all of the photos from the school year and create a folder my Google Drive and share the folder with my students.

Step #2

Student Yearbook Page

I send a Google Slides link with template pages for each student to create their own yearbook page.
Students insert a picture of themselves (either one from our Google folder) or one of their own.
They fill in the template slide to add their favorite subject, special, book, song, school memory, and their
goals for the next school year.  When they finish their page, students share it with me or submit it as
an assignment in Google Classroom or other LMS.

Step #3

Class Yearbook Pages

To complete the yearbook pages, we create pages that include photos and text about field trips, things
we learned, our school, having fun, and special events.  I like to create student groups and assign a
class page topic to each group. The groups present their completed page to the class for feedback
and suggestions. Since this project is digital, we are not limited to a set amount of pages and can add
as many class pages as we need to make sure that all of our best memories are included.

Step #4

Class Yearbook Cover
Finally, create a yearbook cover. I like to print out a cover page and have students sign it. Then I scan it and
add it to the Google Slides. You can also have a group of students collaborate to create their own cover
design OR you could have a class contest to design a cover.

Last Step

Put It All Together
I take all of the student slides, classroom pages, and cover page and put it all together to create our
Digital Class Yearbook. This does take a little bit of time but it isn't difficult to do. I create a force copy link to
share with my students and their families.

A digital Class Yearbook is a fun end of the year project and makes for a meaningful and memorable keepsake
for your students and families!

You can find an easy to use Digital Class Yearbook in my TPT store:

You can grab a FREE printable Student Memory Page for your students. You can use this on its own
for an end-of-the-year activity or use it for your students to plan their yearbook page!

For another fun and easy end of the year activity, check out my End of Year Digital Flipbook
Have your students create a digital brochure with Google Slides for your next year's class!

I'd love to hear about the special things YOU do with your students to make the end of the year special! 
Leave a comment below with your favorite ways to end the year!

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