Meet the Teacher Day

Meet the Teacher Day

This summer just flew by and was shorter than usual.  It’s hard to believe that we’re gearing up for back

to school again!  I’ve been teaching for over 15 years so I have a bit of experience in prepping for the

first weeks of school.  I really enjoy setting up my classroom and getting things ready for my newest

group of students.

I have some tips for you on how to take some of the stress away and make your Meet the Teacher Day

a success.

In my school district, families and their children can come to find their new classroom and meet the teacher on the Friday before the first day of school. Families can come in at any time during that hour. (MOST families are lined up at the door EARLY eager to meet their new teacher!).

I have been using Meet the Teacher Stations for many years and I found that it gives families a purpose

and leaves YOU some space so that you don’t have a crowd of families in one spot.

I have created 5x7 station signs and place them in acrylic 5x7 stand-up frames. I have a set from

Wal-Mart that I bought 10 years ago!  I use them for other things in the classroom (student centers,

Open House, Math & Science Night, etc.) They are inexpensive and handy to have in the classroom.

You can see them HERE.

I spread the stations out around the classroom and have families circulate to visit all of them in any order.  I include stations for:

  • Welcome/Sign-In 

  • Contact Information

  • Transportation form

  • Volunteers

  • Wish List

  • Information (I leave a page about me)

  • Peek at learning (I have texts and previous interactive notebooks available for browsing)

  • Favorite subject

  • School supply drop-off

  • Say hello to your teacher 

Having stations for families, allows me to go speak to them individually and a bit more privately. This takes some of that “speaking in front of large groups of strangers” pressure off of me.  I find it much less stressful and much more enjoyable this way!

You can create your own stations or you can save time and check out the many themed stations I have in my TPT store. Find the link HERE.

AND I have a FREEBIE for you! This Rainbow Meet the Teacher Letter Template makes it easy to create a simple and sweet letter for your new students and their families. It's perfect to have on your students' desks for Meet the Teacher Day! Click the image below or HERE to grab your free copy.

I wish you a fun and healthy new school year!

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