Meet the Teacher

Hi! I'm Debbie Rudtke and I teach elementary school in Florida. I'm going into my 13th year of teaching and currently teach 5th grade. I LOVE my job!

I was a research scientist for almost 17 years before I became a teacher.  I grew up in and started my career in New Jersey. I bring my love of all things science to my students and my school community! 

5th grade is by far my favorite grade to teach.  I was motivated to move up to 5th grade because the students are state-tested in science for the 1st time in 5th grade and did I mention that I love science?  I've grown to love 5th grade for other reasons too!  It's the LAST year before middle school and it's my chance to nurture them but teach them the responsibility and independence they'll need to succeed in middle school.  5th graders are on the cusp of being mini-adults, yet they are still sweet, innocent and love to please their teachers. 

I love creating my own resources for my classroom and I love sharing them on Teachers Pay Teachers. I believe that creating resources with students outside of my own classroom in mind makes me create the best resource possible!

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