Reduce Test Anxiety with Go Noodle!

We had our first day of FSA Math testing today.  The FSA is the Florida standardized "test" which is actually the "AIR" test, and, well, you know, I'm sure they are all just about the same anyway.  Or not.  Who knows, we're not allowed to look at it or talk about it.  Can you tell I'm not a big fan?  I don't mind the idea of a standardized test, I just don't agree with the way we test now.  Anyway, that is NOT the point of this post.

The point of this post?  TEST ANXIETY.
The answer?  GO NOODLE!

Go Noodle has been shared everywhere by teachers and if you haven't tried it in your classroom yet, just go and do it!  Need a brain break? Go Noodle.  Need indoor recess? Go Noodle.  Need to refocus your students? Go Noodle.  Need to reduce test anxiety?  Yup. Go Noodle. Check it out here.

Today, before the BIG test, my students were super anxious. They LOVE math but get easily frustrated.  I wanted to calm them down and give them strategies to use during the test that would help to reduce anxiety if needed.

I used the "Empower Tools" Channel and we watched and participated in "Relieve Anxiety".

The video demonstrated simple breathing exercises and some movement that could easily be done during a test.  After the video, all of my students agreed that they felt calmer.  We discussed how they could "relieve anxiety" during the test in front of their computer if needed.  During the test, I was happy to see some arms being raised to stretch - I just knew they were using the calming breathing technique!

It was a simple thing to add to my students' strategy tool box before the big test!  We're going to try another one before day 2 of testing begins tomorrow!  Do you Go Noodle?

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