Do More of What Makes You Happy

What makes you happy?  Well, you should do more of that!

As a teacher and a mom, it's so easy to get caught up in all of the "stuff" that needs to get done!  That, my friend, is a recipe for burn out.  How do you relax?  Where do you find joy?  My favorite happy place is inside of a book.  I make time for reading every single day.  Seriously. If I go a day without my nose in a book, call the doctor!  To me, reading is like a mini-vacation and an escape from the every day world.  My other happy place is playing outside - riding a bike, tossing a ball with my kids, going on a hike, a walk on the beach.  I make time for outside play every day too.  Creating and making things is another thing that makes me happy -  it may mean cooking up a new recipe, creating a new product for my Teachers Pay Teachers store, crafting, or making art (I love to paint and draw)!

Think about the little things you love to do, those simple things that bring you joy, and make the time every day to do one or two or more of those activities! 

Do more of what makes you happy!


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