Multiply Fractions Using Area Models with a Freebie for YOU!

Confession.  Math was my worst subject in school.  Calculus?  I honestly don't know how I survived college level calc with Dr. K.  I think he just took pity on me.  

Looking back now, I had some not so great math teachers.  I don't want to be that teacher - I mean, who aims for "not so great"?   I want to be the teacher that I wish I had when I was young.  Now, I LOVE math and LOVE teaching math.  I want my students to LOVE math too.  That's a lot of love.   To become the math teacher I wish I had, I seek and create ways to make math meaningful, hands-on and fun!  

When it came time to start multiplying fractions with my 5th graders, I remembered how difficult it was to use area models with my 5th graders last year.  It was so difficult because our district-provided math text has students creating fraction models in tiny boxes and then shading them in.  Ironically, the lesson is titled "Hands-On Multiply Fractions".  Drawing models is not hands-on enough for me!
I had an idea to use clear fraction models that they could overlap to see the area models multiply. I immediately thought of overhead transparency film and that YES I could print models on this!  I created fraction models, printed them, cut them out and viola! Perfect.  

I allowed my students a chance to play with the models first.

Next,  I modeled how to multiply fractions using the area model using this terrific online interactive,  I also modeled how to use the fraction transparency models using my document camera.

I let my students "play" with the models on their individual white boards.  They created and solved their own problems.  They LOVED this activity.

Lay out the transparency models - one vertical, one horizontal

Slide the models to overlap and find the product
I created  area model problem pages for students to use the models to create and solve the problem and then draw the models and the product.

Here's a preview of the full product Multiply Fractions with Area Models available in my TeachersPayTeachers store!  It also includes a set of expressions and product models for students to sort - great in workstations for extra practice.

AND  I've created a freebie of the fraction models just for you!  Click on the image below to download the fraction models!

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  1. This is an awesome FREEBIE! Thanks for sharing this wonderful post!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog Tidy Teacher! :)

  3. Hi there!

    Do you happen to have a PDF or document included anywhere with the models you used for the transparency film? I'd love to try that!

  4. Hi! Yes, just click on the "Freebie"image above to download a pdf of the models! Thanks for stopping by!


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