Low Tech = Better Tech

I had a revelation last month.  I've ALWAYS created station rotation charts on the computer, either in SMART notebook or Google slides, and project the chart on the SMARTboard during math and reading (and sometimes science).  Using my computer just to project a chart looked super cool but wasn't practical.  This was a valuable computer that a student could be using!   I had to be out and was planning for a sub. When I have a sub, I don't know how comfortable they are with finding my chart on the computer.  Even more importantly,  I don't really like giving out my log-in information.  I looked over at my chart stand after school as I was writing my sub plans and thought, hey, why not?  I pulled out my pack of Mr. Sketch from their secret hiding place (oh, yes, I'm obsessed with my Mr. Sketch markers!) and got busy.  It's not a work of art, but it is so functional!  I assume it worked well for the sub since she had a good day but it's working even better for me every day.  I love it! Each morning, I change out the sticky notes that tells the students what they'll be working on at each station.  The student group names are on sticky notes too so I can change them frequently. I even color-coded the group sticky notes to make it easier for students to find their group.  I made one for my reading stations too! I don't know why it's easier to write quickly on a sticky note than to edit a computer document, but it is!  Sometimes low tech is better tech.

How do you organize your station rotations?

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