Managing the Paper Chaos!

Alright, ya'll.  I'm going into my 9th year of teaching and I STILL struggle with all the papers.  It seems to get more difficult every year.  Well, this year, I had an idea and it's really helping keep track of papers.  Best of all, my papers look neat and organized!   Drum roll please......

I went to my local office supply store in search of a folder with multiple pockets.  I found this black, poly folder that has 7 clear pockets inside.  I fancied it up by writing on the cover with a silver sharpie!
Here's a peek of the inside.  In the inside cover, I keep my trusty (old!) EZ Grader and any answer keys that I need to keep handy.  In each clear pocket, I keep papers that need to be graded.  As soon as I collect the papers from my students, I clip them together and slide them in a pocket.  Another tip for you?  If someone is absent, I put their name on a paper and clip it to the top and add a sticky note as a reminder for me.  I LOVE this new system.  It looks good on my desk and it's easy to grab to take with me!

Do you have a system you love to help manage the endless papers?

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