It's been a loooong time!

Well, well, well, it's been over a year since I posted. Sorry.  But not sorry.  I changed grade levels, new curriculum plus some difficulties with my own children in school just left me with no extra energy for much other than getting through it all.  I had a good year in school.  I LOVE 5th grade.  I think it's the best grade ever!  I did have a lot of challenges though and spent this summer really rethinking what I want my classroom to be, what I want my students to do, and how I want me and my students to work together to get there.

Well, I'm back!  I'm excited about my classroom!  I'm working on a "space" theme but nothing too cute.  It's very minimal and modern and nerdy.  I love science and am a total geek.  I'm embracing the geek and hoping my students will too.  I'm back to work tomorrow so I'll be uploading a classroom tour very soon!

I meet my students on FRIDAY!  Yay!  I'm so excited to meet my new class.  Fifth grade is such a cool year - they are the seniors on campus and are becoming young adults.  They are experiencing so many changes and increasing responsibility and I love watching them grow in their last year of elementary school.

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