Classroom Photos - Before

Hi Ya'll!  I've been in my classroom setting up for a few days and I almost forgot to take the all-important before photos - aka "the mess"!  It's important for me to have the before photos because I love to be able to go back and see the transformation - it is so satisfying.
I'm moving up to 5th grade!  The 5th grade classrooms are in our school's newest building (it's about 5 years old) and the classrooms are so much more modern than all of the other rooms I've ever been in at my school.  I'm excited about the colors (white and sage green) - it's a pretty clean slate.  As of these photos, I already began moving the furniture around.  It always takes me a while to find the optimal furniture placement.
View from the front of the room looking toward back door

View from my desk

View from the back door

View from the entrance

View from the back of the room
I have a great room to work with and I'm excited to get it ready for a new batch of students!

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