The Countdown is ON!

Wow!  I know that 3 weeks before standing in front of a classroom of new students may sound like a long time.....well, it's not!  I'm in the beginning stages of panic mode right now.  I have so much to do and am running out of time!

I've taught 3rd grade for the past 3 years and am moving up to 5th grade this year.  I'm so excited about the change.  I may be odd but I LOVE changing things up - it keeps things fun and interesting.  The change in grade level means a big move though and that's not so fun.  The good thing (actually, the really GREAT thing!) is that I got rid of a lot of junk that I've accumulated.  Teachers.  Are.  Hoarders.  They all are.  It's just a fact of life.  You never know when you might need 6 rolls of plastic wrap or 5,000 plastic spoons, or a jar full of shells - you get the picture.  If I hadn't used something in the past year, it was given or thrown away - it felt really, really good!

I spent some time in my new classroom unpacking and arranging things today.  My first priority was to set up the fish tank to get ready to bring in some new fishy friends.  My desk is almost functional.  I also started playing with the furniture arrangement.  I promise, next time I'll take some photos!

I'll try to update on my progress later in the week!   What is the progress in your classroom?

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