Number of the Day

I've been on a blogging hiatus but I'm back.  I'm tinkering with some new ideas for the next school year and going through all of my files.  I'm throwing out (er, deleting) what didn't work, saving what did, and tweaking some of the files that I loved.  One routine that I loved last year was the "Number of the Day".  Each student decorated a pronged folder at the beginning of the school year and each week I'd give each student enough "Number of the Day" copies (already hole-punched) for the week.  (Sidenote:  I spent a surprising amount of time teaching students how to use the prongs and put the papers in properly).  The number of the day was the the number of days we were in school.  My kiddos got the hang of it after several weeks and it was an easy daily morning work activity.  The kids and I both loved knowing how many days of school we had left!  Click the image to grab your copy!

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