Daily 5 Book Study

Summertime...I love summer.  I can relax with my family, sleep late if I want and go to the bathroom whenever I need to.... LOL.

Even though I'm not at school, I'm still thinking about school a lot.  Probably way too much in fact!  But I love to research and read about new ideas to use in my classroom for the upcoming year.

I am an AVID reader and by avid I suppose you can call me officially obsessed with books.  I read an insane amount of books and spend an insane amount of time reading about books.  I just LOVE books. Since school has let out, I have read at least 3 novels per week.  Thank goodness for great local libraries, otherwise I'd be broke.   As a teacher, I want to share and spread my love of books but will admit that I haven't always been successful.  This summer, I'm participating in a book study of The Daily 5 by Gail Boushey and Joan Moser (otherwise known as "The Sisters").   The Daily 5 is a way to structure a literacy block and let your students take charge of their reading by making choices and setting goals.  By carefully and systematically introducing the Daily 5 components, a teacher can help students become more independent and develop a love of reading.  I'm excited about launching Daily 5 in my class in August.

Here's a link to the book study:

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