Getting Excited!

Only about 2 more weeks of summer left before I head back into the classroomto start setting up and I'll have to admit I'm a little excited.  I've been spending my summer relaxing, reconnecting with my family and reading but ALSO planning for the new school year. 

I've been making some things for the new year that I thought I'd share.  I saw a writing activity on Pinterest and I've adapted it and made it my own.  I think it'll be a fun first day of school activity.  I'll also make it into a cute display for "Back to School Night".

Click on "Glad To Be in Grade 3" to get your copy!


Daily 5 Book Study

Summertime...I love summer.  I can relax with my family, sleep late if I want and go to the bathroom whenever I need to.... LOL.

Even though I'm not at school, I'm still thinking about school a lot.  Probably way too much in fact!  But I love to research and read about new ideas to use in my classroom for the upcoming year.

I am an AVID reader and by avid I suppose you can call me officially obsessed with books.  I read an insane amount of books and spend an insane amount of time reading about books.  I just LOVE books. Since school has let out, I have read at least 3 novels per week.  Thank goodness for great local libraries, otherwise I'd be broke.   As a teacher, I want to share and spread my love of books but will admit that I haven't always been successful.  This summer, I'm participating in a book study of The Daily 5 by Gail Boushey and Joan Moser (otherwise known as "The Sisters").   The Daily 5 is a way to structure a literacy block and let your students take charge of their reading by making choices and setting goals.  By carefully and systematically introducing the Daily 5 components, a teacher can help students become more independent and develop a love of reading.  I'm excited about launching Daily 5 in my class in August.

Here's a link to the book study:


Last Day of School

Sigh.  Today was my last day with my students.  I had to take the last two days of school off for my childrens' graduations from elementary and middle school.   Lots of changes in my house!

It's always hard to say good-bye and third graders can be pretty emotional about it! I have promised to keep our Edmodo group open and active this summer so that we can connect online.  I've also given them a Summer Reading AND a Summer Writing Challenge.  In August, they can come back to show me what they've read and written and I will give them something special.  I'm looking forward to seeing what they've accomplished this summer!

I always take a lot of pictures throughout the year of all of the fun things we do.  I put all the pictures together in chronological order using Windows Live Movie Maker and then add some of our favorite songs.  It's always a big hit and a wonderful memento from our year together.  This year, I designed a special DVD cover.  Isn't it cute?

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