Teaching is fun!

Wow!  The start of school is crazy with a capital "C"!  It is so difficult but so fun to launch a new school year.  I'm loving my new class.  They are sweet and eager to learn.  We're starting week 4 - routines and procedures are nearly established and I like the classroom vibe.   Getting to know each of my students has been my priority.   What do they need - socially, emotionally and academically?  I want the best for every one of them.

My special moment today:  I was teaching math, 3-digit place value specifically, and at one point in the lesson I want them to see a pattern.  I become quite the actress - "Oh my gosh!  What is this?  Does anyone else see this?"  They are all wondering, searching, looking and I can feel the excitement building.  One sees it, then another, then they all begin to see it.  They found it!  They are giddy with joy!   And it was MATH that made them feel that way!  They will remember that lesson.  These are the little moments that make me LOVE my job.

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