I'm an avid fan of MANY teaching blogs and credit them with keeping me up to date on new strategies and fun, engaging ways to teach my students.  I've decided to jump in and add my two cents by sharing my reflections, techniques and ideas with the world. 

I am going into my second year of teaching 3rd grade.  I previously taught 4th grade for three years.  I have to say that last year was my BEST teaching year ever.  I think it was a combination of many things that made it so awesome but it really boiled down to finally having confidence in myself and learning how to let go and have fun.  That's not to say that we played every day.  Nooooo.  I have extremely high expectations of my students and we work HARD but I found ways to make my classroom engaging and fun.   We took the time to laugh, sing, play and dance along the way.

I officially go back to work next week - we have four days of planning leading up to "Meet the Teacher" on Friday, August 19th.  Next week will be a whirlwind of planning, copying, laminating, decorating, shopping and catching up with colleagues!  I can't wait!

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