Classroom Tour - Part 1

Whew!  I usually spend at least 2 weeks preparing my room for the coming year.  This year, I decided to get it all done during pre-planning and enjoy my ENTIRE summer vacation for a change.  To top it all off - I MOVED classrooms too.  I had the opportunity to choose a new room and I moved to one that's more off the beaten path (my old room was right outside the front office and library - a very busy, noisy area!) at the end of the hallway and it even has a window (albeit a small one!).   It took some doing and lots of help but I love the way it turned out!  I'm thankful for my FANTASTIC full-time intern and my creative teenage daughter.  My theme this year is owl:  observe, wonder, learn.  I really wanted a soothing, earthy, color-scheme with little pops of color.  I also wanted a very uncluttered, almost minimalist space.  I sometimes think that classrooms are overdone - so many colors and so much going on - and that can be distracting for some kids and I just wanted to try something totally different.  Here's the tour and I'd love your feedback!

Entrance table.  Students will file their homework into a file folder each morning.

View from the door.  (Don't mind the trash can!)

Smartboard & projector table.  The classroom job chart is on the left
and daily essential questions will be posted on the right.

My director's chair!  This was my big splurge this year.  I've always wanted
one!  I hardly EVER sit down but I love to read-aloud to my students and this
 will be my special chair for that!

The bathrooms!  On the book rack are leveled readers.  To the right,
is my behavior clip chart.  Students will have a clothespin that starts on
green (Ready to Learn) and can move up (Role Model) or down.  This
is a blend of several systems I've used over the years. 

The computer area - I have 5 this year!!! Hanging above are my
Accelerated Reading ribbon "owls". The students will earn "buttons"
to attach to their ribbon as they reach point goals.

Reading Corner. I added camp chair this year (thank you Big Lots!)
with lots of fluffy pillows and big stuffed animals.  

Thanks for stopping by!  I'll post more photos soon!  :)


  1. I just saw your blog post on a to z and just had to stop by. I'm a new teacher looking for fresh ideas and blogging this summer has been my lifesaver! I love your owl theme!! I really wanted an owl theme, but I ended up going with an under the sea/fishy theme. I'm totally jealous of the size of your room, my room is tinyyyyyyy. I'll have pics on my blog by the end of the week.


  2. Thanks Shana! I am lucky to have a big room. I did sea/fishy last year!!! Love that theme too. Being a new teacher is hard but so FUN. Good luck and enjoy! I'll be checking your blog for pics!


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